Dr. Allan Zavod: Composer, Conductor, Arranger, Performer - at the forefront of composing a new genre: Classical / Jazz Fusion

Environmental Symphony: A Journey through the Ages into the Future, What better way to deliver environmental awareness, than through the arts, through an adventure. - Click to view promo video.Environmental Symphony

An Inspirational live event, to be performed in full for the first time on SUNDAY 20 DECEMBER, 2015. The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra will perform this landmark concert at Hamer Hall, Arts Centre, Melbourne. Click here for: more information about the event, or here to: book tickets

A unique cinematic composition for live orchestra, including introductory narration and synchronised visuals. A sample of the descriptive work was the centre piece for the Prime Minister's prestigious Banksia Environmental Awards.

Composed by: Dr. Allan Zavod (Composer / Performer); Original narration of abridged version by: Sir Richard Branson (Entrepreneur / Philanthropist).
View the Trailer video.

Concerto for Oboe: Resilient Spirit.  Written for Diana Doherty and dedicated to the resilience of the People of Queensland during the 2011 floods. Click to view.w

Concerto for Oboe: Resilient Spirit.  Written for Diana Doherty and dedicated to the resilience of the People of Queensland during the 2011 floods. Click to view.Concerto for Oboe - Resilient Spirit

Allan Zavod wrote "Resilient Spirit", an Oboe Concerto, for World Famous Oboe Soloist Diana Doherty. Diana performed with the Queensland Youth Symphony on 26th March, 2011.

The Concert took place at the Queensland Performing Arts Centre, and was conducted by John Curro (AM MBE). Dedicated to the resilience of the People of Queensland during the 2011 floods.

Allan Zavod Concerto Australiana 2nd Movement. Classical  Jazz Fusion.  Australia Youth Orchestra.  Piano soliost: Allan Zavod.  Composer: Allan Zavod.  Australia Day Bicentennial 1988.  Sydney Opera House. - Click to view promo video.Concerto Australiana 2nd Movement

In 1988 the Australia Council commissioned Allan Zavod to compose "Concerto Australiana" for the Bicentennial Australia Day Celebrations. This Piano Concerto is a classical / jazz fusion three movement work for piano, orchestra and jazz ensemble. It was performed live on ABC television at the Sydney Opera House.

In the second movement: "Andante", Soloist / Composer Allan Zavod performs with the Australian Youth Orchestra on live national broadcast ABC TV. It was released in association with ABC for audio recording and televised broadcast - World premiere.

Click here to hear the first movenment: "Allegro ma non Troppo" and the third movement: "Allegro".

Allan Zavod Live At Baker Street Promo. Click to view.w

Allan Zavod Live At Baker Street Promo. Click to view.Allan Zavod Live At Baker Street Promo

In this clip, Dr Zavod plays a sampling of what he performed at his extraordinary "33 Thursday" Concert. You can hear him play his own original composition: "Flying Willow", also a little bit of jazz, and some classic-jazz fussion.

His performance was held in a very intimate, softly lit setting in a classy mini concert room, where you can sip wine and listen to live music. At L@BS, performances are actual "recording sessions" that participants get to view live.

The DVD of this performance is coming out soon.

World Famous Allan Zavod has played with the Great: From Zappa to A-ListAllan Zavod has played with the Greats: From Zappa to A-List (Sunday Life Magazine - Sunday Age).

Back in 1969, Jazz Great Duke Ellington heard pianist and composer Allan Zavod perform in Melbourne and told him, "I'm going to help you get to America." And America is where the adventure began for the self-assured teenager who was already wowing audiences with his eccentric performances.

Since then Allan has played with Frank Zappa, George Benson, James Morrison, as well as just jamming at the Comedy Store in LA with Robin Williams.

So Zavod has been a rock star, but he's also worked with many of the world's greatest jazz performers. Now he composes for symphony orchestras, with a twist. A hairpin bend away from life on the road playing acid jazz with violinist Jean-Luc Ponty and touring with Zappa, Zavod is now at the forefront of composing a brand-new style - jazz classical fusion.

For Zavod, its attraction is in the opportunity to push boundaries and convention - to take on a role that Ellington once described as "the problem solver". read more >>>

Learn from the BestFantastic Opportunity to learn from the Best!

Allan Zavod is an internationally recognized artist, and is still composing great works. He also feels it is important to try to pass on his knowledge to up and coming artists, to help them realise their potential.

Allan is currently available to give Piano Lessons to all levels, but specialises in Jazz Piano. He has also created a series of 10 Jazz Lessons that can be purchased online - good for all instrumentalists. He also has available the sheet music for several of his original concertos. Visit the Zav Shop for more information about Private Piano Lessons, Composition Lessons, Jazz Lessons, Original Manuscripts or DVDs.

Allan Zavod is still ComposingAllan Zavod is Back in Melbourne

Zavod finally got back to playing the piano after his 7 year hiatus composing full time. From 2012-2015, he performed at several gigs in and around Melbourne, including: Cafe Latte (Hawksburn Village, Toorak); Marquee Lounge Bar (Trak Centre in Toorak Village); Ruby's Music Room (Little Londsdale St). Allan also performed at several very special events overseas, including: Live @ Phnom Penh; Viet Nam National Symphony and Orchestra; Sax N Art Jazz Club (Ho Chi Minh City/Saigon); Dawn Service aboard the AZAMARA Journey on the Gallipoli-2015 cruise for Anzac Day centennial commemorations. Visit our Current Events page to find out about some of his more recent performances.

From 2005-2007 Zavod was living in America. From 2007-2012 he was devoted entirely to composing. During this period his orchestral works were performed here and overseas. For a list of his specific works, visit About Allan: Zavod in Depth, and Biography.

For past performances you can visit our Multi-Media page to see some clips of a wide variety of genre. From Classical to Rock to Jazz Fusion.

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