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Environmental Symphony: A Journey through the Ages into the Future, What better way to deliver environmental awareness, then through the arts, through an adventure. - Click to view promo video.Environmental Symphony

Promo Video: (3:34min)

Trailer Video: (6:55min)

An Inspirational live event, to be performed in full for the first time on SUNDAY 20 DECEMBER, 2015. The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra will perform this landmark concert at Hamer Hall, Arts Centre, Melbourne. Click here for: more information about the event, or here to: book tickets

A unique cinematic composition for live orchestra, including introductory narration and synchronised visuals. A sample of the descriptive work was the centre piece for the Prime Minister's prestigious Banksia Environmental Awards.

Composed by: Dr. Allan Zavod (Composer / Performer); Original narration of abridged version by: Sir Richard Branson (Entrepreneur / Philanthropist).

From the Banksia website media release on 2 June, 2010 "Banksia Awards launches national search for leaders in sustainability"

<...>The Banksia Awards launch also featured a preview of a unique environmental symphony composed by legendary composer Dr. Allan Zavod, which will be performed for the very first time at the Banksia Awards Presentation at Sydney Town Hall on the 15th October 2010.

Dr Allan Zavod said, "Scientists and politicians have numbed us with their pounding messages. What better way to deliver environmental awareness than through the Arts."

The music allows us to focus us on the message, and adds emotional empatsis. It closely follows the graphic images, and the narative.

The 5 movements are outlined below:

  • Movement 1 is Creation: The beginning of the world forming
  • Movement 2 is Industrial Revolution: When we destroyed some of this paradise with industrial revolution, with urbanisation
  • Movement 3 is The Calm before The Storm: About time for action and the efforts towards clean air
  • Movement 4 is Global Warming, Final Warning: About carbon dioxide and global warming
  • Movement 5 is Preservation Sensation: Shows a more positive outlook - looks to the future

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