Allan Zavod's Classical / Jazz Fusion Composers Award - In Conjunction With University Of Melbourne

classical-jazz Fusion AwardsCOMPOSITION AWARD

Note: The following information is placed here for your convenience. It may not be totally up to date. Please visit the University of Melbourne's Website for the most current information.

Application type

No application is required. You will be automatically considered for this award.

Benefit type

A single payment of approximately $5000.

Citizenship requirements

Australian / domestic student, International student

Total value

up to $5,000

Applicable study areas


Number of scholarships awarded



To be eligible for this scholarship, you need to be enrolled as an undergraduate or graduate student in Music (specialising in classical/jazz fusion compositions) in the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music.

Selection criteria

Nominations are made by the Head of discipline in consultation with academic staff. The Dean will approve the recipients.

Outcome results

Recipients will be notified at the end of the year.

classical-jazz Fusion AwardsPREVIOUS WINNERS

2014 -

2013 -

2012 - Mark Viggiani (PhD student)

2011 - Michael Knopf (PhD student)   * also won Zavod's 2010 Performers award

2010 -

2009 -

2008 - Joe Manton

2007 -

2006 - Antonio Tenance

2005 -

2004 -

2003 - Simon Charles

2002 - Andrian Pertout (PhD student)

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